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Wildcard SSL certificates

Wildcard SSL certificate is a multi-purpose SSL certificate which secures an unlimited number of sub-domains on a single domain name. Save money and simplify SSL management by consolidating all single-domain SSL certificates into a single wildcard certificate.

With a single wildcard SSL certificate, you can secure multiple services on different sub-domains without any limits, e.g. a wildcard certificate for *.alpirossl.com will actually secure:

  • www.alpirossl.com    
  • mail.alpirossl.com
  • ftp.alpirossl.com
  • whatever.alpirossl.com

You can also have a wildcard SSL certificate for other than 2nd-level domain. E.g. if you need to secure anything.sub.alpirossl.com, simply purchase a wildcard SSL certificate for *.sub.alpirossl.com. Or even for *.sub2.sub.alpirossl.com, if you wish. There are no limits.

Both AlpiroSSL Wildcard and AlpiroSSL Premium Wildcard SSL certificates include an unlimited licence to be installed on multiple servers with different IP addresses free of charge.

Available wildcard SSL certificates

AlpiroSSL Wildcard from $39.99 / year Buy  Renew
AlpiroSSL Premium Wildcard from $63.99 / year Buy  Renew

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Keep in mind, that due to respective regulations, the wildcard character (*) must be the first character. It is not allowed to issue a wildcard SSL certificate for sub.*.alpirossl.com nor with multiple wildcards, e.g. *.*.alpirossl.com.

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